The 2nd of 60

Well, I’ve been inducted and now have a smart card that says I am a student for the next five years. Oh my. It seems such a long time but in reality it’s 60 months and I am already occupying the second of those 60.

Walking the doctoral path is going to be interesting and already things are beginning to shift and take shape. The research plan I had is not redundant but now that I am up and running (well actually, I am walking at the moment) I can see what a mammoth task I have taken on and how broad the vista of my work is. I need focus, focus, focus and I have spent the last few days thinking about why I want to do a PhD, what I want out of it and where I want to go after the journey.

All questions you’d think I’d have asked myself before applying.

I did ask these questions but now I am actually on the path everything seems somehow different, as if I’ve just gone from the black & white world of the application forms to the MGM, full technicolour of the real thing. Talking about a PhD is a lot different to doing it.

The questions I am asking are helping me hone in on my research topic and find that unique pixel that is mine and mine only.

I am not there yet but I’m working on it and making progress.

Just as well I have those 60 months isn’t it?


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