The Folded Space blog

Welcome to my new blog, Folded Space.

Folded Space is about all the things that happen in the gaps between my various work and practice strands.

Folded Space is a place for me to share what’s happening with my developing PhD research and the attendant ephemera around my Strange Bedfellows workshop/course template.

The idea is that I post things that don’t fit into my other more traditional websites – The/Poetry/Fold (my business site) and Stoneandsea (where I showcase my own writing and writing practice).

It’s a work in progress and I welcome comments from fellow writers, practitioners and academics.


2 responses to “The Folded Space blog”

  1. Patrick Belshaw says :

    Fascinating idea. I completed my (Creative Writing) PhD in 2008; at the time, I had been retired for over fifteen years and was 72 years of age. So ‘Why a PhD?’ is one of your questions I found quite interesting.

    • foldedspace says :

      Thanks for visiting my blog Patrick and congratulations on your own graduation! The “why” is a big guiding light for me on a shifting horizon and I reckon as long as I stay true to that I’ll follow right path: even if the response does change all the time…it is fascinating, isn’t it, why we do these things?

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